President's Message


 Dan Rorvig
NDSA President




I’d like to take a moment to say hello and introduce myself. I’m Dan Rorvig from McVille, your new NDSA president and most recently recruited columnist. I, along with my wife Teresa, our daughter Amy, her husband Taryl Smith and our long-time employee Jeff Iverson, ranch south of McVille in the Sheyenne River Valley, where we run cow-calf pairs and yearlings and develop and market bred heifers. Our son Scott lives in Fargo and works for Spotlight Media. I thank you all for this opportunity to be your president.

Here in southern Nelson County, we had fall, winter and spring all in one week. We can’t figure out if we should finish up fall projects or start spring ones. I hope, for everyone’s benefit, we get an Indian Summer and have a chance to get a few more projects scratched off the list. I’m sure it’s no different at your place. We have unfinished fencing and corral projects, calves to vaccinate and wean and cows to gather and PG. The list goes on and on. The amount of unharvested crops from one end of the state to the other is huge as well. Mother Nature can certainly be fickle.

Our association had a tremendous Annual Convention & Trade Show in Bismarck in September. We celebrated as the 7N Ranch of Medina was awarded a well-deserved Rancher of the Year Award, Fred Sorenson and Warren Zenker received Honorary Membership Awards, the Brooks Ranch of Rhame was honored with the Environmental Stewardship Award and Roy Riehl was given the Honorary Local Inspector Award. Congratulations to each of them.

The policy committee meetings are really the bread and butter of the convention, aside from the socializing, educating and trade show. Nearly 400 attendees discussed lab-grown proteins, the no-posting bill, perpetual easements, noxious weeds, federal lands administration and use, and, one of the most important issues, private property rights. I encourage each of you to attend the annual convention, as it is your convention. This is where the issues are discussed and you are able to make a difference.

Early in October, our association had our All Breeds Cattle Tour in the Dickinson area. What a great showcase of cattle and ranches. Also, God bless our bus driver! He did an awesome job on some slick gravel roads. I think he brought home, on the bus floors, more North Dakota topsoil than we have on our best farmground. Again, thank you to the hosts, sponsors, bus driver and staff for putting this all together.

By the time this column goes to print, we will have had our Tomorrow’s Top Hands Beef Leadership Summit in Dickinson. Thank you again to the staff and sponsors for the opportunity for these young folks to see so many different facets of the beef industry. They will have been exposed to ranches, feedlots, livestock markets, ag advocates, ranch management specialists, academia and much more. In the future, encourage your kids or neighbors’ kids to attend. It’s a great background for future leaders of our industry.

The midterm elections will also be over. Let’s hope everyone did their homework and voted. Let’s also hope our candidates are not as bad as their opponents made them out to be!

Before I end, I would like to thank Immediate Past President Warren Zenker for his hard work and guidance the past two years. Your work in the board room, legislature, association office, job interviews and in the country will always be appreciated.

Remember, when in doubt, close the gate.

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