President's Message


 Warren Zenker, Gackle
NDSA President



As I write this month, the temperature is 30 degrees above zero, which is a nice change from what we experienced the past couple of months. Days like today give me spring fever. It gets me excited to see those newborn calves hit the ground, start to nurse and, after a few days, start running like the wind.
It’s also bull sale season. It’s a time of year when sale catalogs are almost an everyday occurrence in your mailbox. It’s an exciting time in which we see the new genetics being offered by operations around the state and also a time to take in a few sales, buy your bulls, and, of course, shoot the breeze with your old friends.
This is also a busy time at the Capitol in Bismarck for the NDSA. NDSA Executive Vice President Julie Ellingson has been extremely busy testifying on bills of interest to you as members. Interestingly and frustratingly legislative session included several bills initiated by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). The group is trying to get its foot in the door of our rural state of North Dakota. I am very proud to tell you that Julie and her team have done an outstanding job defeating all of the HSUS-initiated bills before Crossover. They also worked very hard on SB 2225, the posting bill. The bill suffered a 17-28 defeat in the senate, but the NDSA staff and many members worked tirelessly to protect the private property rights of North Dakota landowners. Two bills that will help strengthen livestock producers’ ownership protections passed in the House. The first is HB 1208, which deals with receiving a bill of sale in a timely manner. The second is HB 1291, which clarifies the NDSA Chief Brand Inspector’s and fieldman’s citation writing authority.
The NDSA was proud to host the Young Cattlemen’s Legislative Conference (YCLC) in Bismarck Last month.
Sixteen young NDSA members attended for the conference and I am confident that these individuals will be future leaders in our industry and state. The group toured the NDSA office and visited the capital to tour various agencies, meet state leaders and learn about the legislative process. They were also able to take in the NDSA ‘Legislative and State Officials’ Reception held at the NDSA headquarters. Conference participants met many state lawmakers and had an opportunity to voice their concerns regarding ag policy issues in our state. They were an outstanding group of individuals and I hope they had as much fun as I did.
During the Cattle Industry Convention, Scott was at a restaurant and realized he needed to pas a little gas. The music was loud, so he timed his relief to the beat. Ater the song ended, he finished his drink and looked around, noticing everyone was staring at him. That's when he realized he had been listening to his iPod.



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