President's Message


 Warren Zenker, Gackle
NDSA President



Do any of you ever ask yourself, “Where does the time go?” It seems like I just wrote my last column and now it’s time to write another one. I guess time really does fly when you are having fun!
We’ve just started calving on our ranch. I had the third one on the ground this morning. I’ve always enjoyed this time of year. The weather is warming up, and you get to help deliver God’s newest additions to your herd.
Most people have family traditions. Some revolve around the holidays, some around athletic events.
When our kids were young, cutting corn in the fall meant silage football on the pile, for example. Do any of you have calving traditions? There are a few fun things it seems that we can always count on here during calving. Of course, sleep gets interrupted and nights seem awfully short, but those things usually come with my wife Linda cooking bigger meals and leaving sweets on the counter to keep our crew refueled. Someone — whether it’s Brooks, Bubba, Chris or I — always has at least one amazing crazy mama cow story.
One year, Chris’ adventure involved him crawling on the roof of the calving shed inside our tin barn to try and throw a rope over a newborn calf’s leg so he could pull him out of one pen and into another so we could graft him onto another cow with a much better disposition. It seems his mama didn’t care much for Chris even being in the barn, let alone near her baby.
Someone — typically Bubba — inevitably ends up falling in a puddle or going for a leisurely swim in the lagoon while chasing a calf that needs doctoring and, at least once, our dogs will certainly bring some fresh afterbirth to the front door to greet Linda first thing in the morning.
The board of directors met in Mandan on March 14 and approved the organization’s 2018 budget. The approach: to project what spending should be, hoping we are able to generate enough income to pay those predicted expenses. A conservative budget committee did its best to prepare a budget that keeps the NDSA financially healthy for another year.
Membership dues make up a large part of the NDSA’s income, and it’s an area that all members can help with by promoting the organization and signing up new members. When our membership increases, we’re able to provide more services to our members. The membership committee has some great recruiting ideas, so if you need help, contact Committee Chairman Dan Rorvig at (701) 797-7338 or Environmental Services Director Scott Ressler at (701) 223-2522 and they will get you started.
Speaking of Scott, he rode his horse into Gackle recently and stopped at the local tavern for a drink. Unfortunately, the locals have a habit of picking on strangers, which he was. When Scott finished his drink, he discovered that his horse had been stolen.
He went back inside and yelled with surprising forcefulness, “Which one of you sidewinders stole my horse?” No one answered. “Alright,” Scott continued, “I’m gonna have another cold one and, if my horse ain’t back by the time I finish it, I’m gonna do what I did in St. Anthony, and I don’t want to have to do what I did there!”
True to his word, Scott had another beverage, walked outside and noticed that his horse had been returned.
He mounted up just as the bartender walked outside and asked, “What happened in St. Anthony?”
He replied, “I had to walk home.”
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