1 - Present owner(s) must complete and sign the Brand Bill of Sale/Brand Transfer form..
     a. All present owners must sign even when they will be a part of the new ownership.
     b. Witness must be a disinterested party.
    c. If a brand owner is deceased and ownership needs to be changed, the brand needs to be transferred to remove his/her name.  The personal representatives will sign the deceased person's name with the initials P.R.
         Also, a copy of the letter of testamentary (document issued upon death that names the personal representative - not the will) must accompany the brand bill of sale and application. If the estate has been settled, an affidavit for collection of personal property may be provided. 
    Please note: To transfer brands recorded as trusts, LLC's or LLP's, please contact Rachael at (701) 223-2522 for instructions.
 2 - Transfer fee is $25.00 per position per species.

3 - New owner(s) complete Application for Brand Recording.

Livestock listed any way other than how a brand is recorded will cause the brand inspector to hold the proceeds of the sale.

Brand Application
Download Brand Bill of Sale/Brand Transfer form (Do not use when selling livestock!)
     (ATTENTION: The Brand Bill of Sale/Brand Transfer form is used to authorize ownership changes on a brand recording only. It does not qualify as a bill of sale for livestock purchases and should not be used when buying or selling livestock.)
Affidavit for Collection of Personal Property - to remove a deceased person's name from a brand with "And" or "And/Or" if no probate occurred on decedent's estate.
Request for Removal of Decedent - to remove a deceased person's name from a brand with "Or". Must be notarized and accompanied by a death certificate.

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