1 - Present owner(s) must complete and sign the Brand Bill of Sale/Brand Transfer form..
  • All present owners must sign even when they will be a part of the new ownership.
  • Witness must be a disinterested party. Brand bill of sale must be witnessed by someone with nothing to gain or lose from the change in ownership of the brand or the livestock it's applied to.
  • If a brand owner is deceased and ownership needs to be changed, the brand needs to be transferred to remove his/her name.  The personal representatives will sign the deceased person's name with the initials P.R. Also, a copy of the letter of testamentary (document issued upon death that names the personal representative - not the will) must accompany the brand bill of sale and application. If the estate has been settled, an affidavit for collection of personal property may be provided. 
2 - Transfer fee is $25.00 per position per species.
3 - New owner(s) complete Application for Brand Recording.
Please note: To transfer brands recorded as trusts, LLC's or LLP's, please contact Rachael at (701) 223-2522 for instructions.
Livestock listed any way other than how a brand is recorded will cause the brand inspector to hold the proceeds of the sale.
Brand Application
Download Brand Bill of Sale/Brand Transfer form (Do not use when selling livestock!)
(ATTENTION: The Brand Bill of Sale/Brand Transfer form is used to authorize ownership changes on a brand recording only. It does not qualify as a bill of sale for livestock purchases and should not be used when buying or selling livestock.)
Affidavit for Collection of Personal Property - to remove a deceased person's name from a brand with "And" or "And/Or" if no probate occurred on decedent's estate.
Request for Removal of Decedent - to remove a deceased person's name from a brand with "Or". Must be notarized and accompanied by a death certificate.

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