Consumers are confused about the causes of antibiotic resistance, says a new poll conducted by Nielsen/The Harris Poll for the American Meat Institute (AMI).

THE TRUTH: Antibiotics in cattle are used to prevent, control and treat disease ...and raise safe beef. All drugs used to raise food animals are extensively tested and monitored. And each new product must go through dozens of studies before approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

GET THE FACTS! Farmers and ranchers use antibiotics carefully in order to preserve their future effectiveness for our families and our animals.

- Cattlemen have invested in research and education, including a Beef Quality Assurance Program, that bring together recommendations from independent academics and veterinarians to help maintain high standards of animal care.
- Farmers and ranchers have no reason to overuse antibiotics but rather every reason to use them as selectively as possible.
- For one, it’s the law, but antibiotics also are a costly input for the small business men and women who raise cattle for beef.


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