The North Dakota Stockmen's Association is dedicated to protecting, promoting and enhancing the state's beef cattle industry...in order to put and keep money in the pockets of producers. The NDSA accomplishes those goals through a variety of programs and services it offers to its members. Here's just a sampling:
The NDSA keeps an eye on property taxes, property rights, international trade, health regulations and other issues affecting your business and bottom line by lobbying state and national lawmakers and advising administrative agencies. If the NDSA wasn't there on your behalf, consider the cost you'd incur to testify just once at the North Dakota State Capitol - meals, mileage and a day away from your operation.
The NDSA concentrates on creating a positive image of and setting the record straight for the cattle industry. We issue media releases, answer questions from reporters and the public, provide educational materials, distribute information at trade shows and do whatever it takes to deserve to be called the state's spokesperson for the beef industry. Consider the cost of exhibiting at just one trade show if the NDSA wasn't there on your behalf.
Learning is a lifelong process and the NDSA provides several opportunities for learning throughout the year. Industry experts in policy, production and marketing grace the agendas of the NDSA's Convention, Spring Roundups, All Breeds Cattle Tour and other workshops. Consider the cost of taking just one class through a local college or university to learn the same information.
The North Dakota Stockman, an award-winning magazine, keeps members abreast of industry and association news each month and provides a low-cost advertising medium for those with something to sell. The Stockman comes free as part of your NDSA membership. Consider the annual subscription costs of competing media.
Children are the future of the beef industry. That's why the NDSA places so much emphasis on educating and enticing youth into the business through various programs, contests and sponsorships.
The brand inspection and recording programs protect producers' livestock property by enforcing existing laws and settling disputes regarding livestock ownership. By law, all cattle, horses and mules must be inspected before leaving the state.
The NDSA's Environmental Services Program provides free, confidential, expert advice to producers about their waste systems and other environmental concerns. The program director helps producers file the proper paperwork to obtain cost-share assistance and locate qualified engineers. THe NDSA offers its own federally funded cost-share assistance program.
The NDSA can't put up your hay or brand your calves, but it can and does work 365 days a year and:

* SAFEGUARDS the free enterprise system by promoting less government intervention in the cattle industry.

* COMMUNICATES with state and national, public and private agencies and organizations to keep up on industry information and to maintain cattle industry allies in the political arena.

* MONITORS and offers industry perspectives to the government's regulatory agencies, particularly regarding animal health issues on the state and federal levels.

* PROTECTS the inherent property rights of landowners, so decisions regarding property are made by those who own it and pay taxes on it.

* DEFENDS against environmental and animal rights extremists.

* PROVIDES free, confidential, expert advice to producers about their animal waste systems and other environmental concerns through its new Environmental Services Program.

* SUPPORTS country-of-origin labeling that informs consumers where their food comes from and helps American producers differentiate their product in the marketplace.

* PROMOTES the North Dakota Beef Quality Assurance Program and its own Vaccination Information Program to increase long-term beef demand and member profitability.

* KEEPS members abreast of vital industry news through the award-winning North Dakota Stockman magazine and other communiques.


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