The NDSA and the Morton and Sioux County Sheriff’s Department investigations of five cases of violence against livestock, including the killing of two horses, four cows, one bull and three bison and 30 missing cows and calves are ongoing. Two cows were also reported injured with gunshot and arrow wounds in the same area.
Authorities confirmed reports of butchered cattle and bison and other dead and missing livestock in northern Sioux and southern Morton Counties in the past two months.
In one case, a registered blue roan saddle horse, worth approximately $3,000, was killed and left mutilated in the pasture in which five other animals were killed.
“The crimes against livestock in the area over the past several months have been appalling,” said NDSA Chief Brand Inspector Stan Misek. “We are working hard to identify those who are responsible and would appreciate any information that the public may have to help us solve these cases and bring forth justice for the victims.”
The NDSA is working alongside other law enforcement agencies in the area to investigate the cases. The NDSA has a standing reward of up to $14,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of any person stealing, butchering or shooting cattle, horses or mules in North Dakota. Anyone with information about these or other cases should call NDSA Chief Brand Inspector Stan Misek at (701) 223- 2522 or (701) 720-2430, NDSA West River Fieldman Steve Bay at (701) 955-3422 or Sioux County Sheriff Frank Landeis at (701) 854-3481.
Misek suggested producers in the area should keep an up-to-date head count, be on the watch for any unusual activity or strange vehicles in the area and notify the NDSA or local law enforcement of anything out of the ordinary. Misek also refuted the several rumors circulating via social media that the 30 head of missing cattle were found. 
Livestock loss totals in NDSA's Morton and Sioux County Cases:
  • 1 Bull
  • 2 Horses
  • 3 Bison
  • 4 Cows
  • 30 Missing Cows and Calves
  • 2 Injured Cows
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The livestock are still missing as of Dec. 1.
There have been reports that they have been found, but, unfortunately, that is not true.
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