North Dakota Stockmen’s Association offers identification help after winter storm


Organization to publish ‘lost and found’ lists 10/14/2019

Livestock Indemnity Program details 10/14/2019

North Dakota Stockmen's Association works to protect producers amidst uncertainty following Tyson fire.

A fire that shut down the Tyson beef processing plant in Holcomb, Kan., Aug. 9 has caused significant disruptions and negative economic impacts on the U.S. beef industry.  The North Dakota Stockmen's Association has been in contact with state and national industry leaders to try to minimize the impact to members.  Here are some of the contacts we've made:


Commodity Futures Trading Commission letter 08/16/2019 

Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration letter 08/16/2019

United States Department of Agriculture letter 08/16/2019

Livestock Marketing Information Center analysis





2019 Stockmen's Ball, Saturday December 7th

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