Nominating committees to identify NDSA director candidates
Members encouraged to help in process, volunteer to serve 
NDSA President Steve Brooks of Bowman has appointed more than 40 NDSA members to serve on the 2016 District Nominating Committees. The committees are required to nominate candidates from their district to run for the NDSA Board of Directors during the association's 87th Annual Convention & Trade Show set for Sept. 22-24 in Minot. Nominations will also be accepted from the floor during convention. Brooks encourages members to consider who they would like to represent them on the board and to offer those suggestions to committee members, either by telephone or during the Spring Roundups, where committee chairmen will be gathering the recommendations. Those wishing to serve are also encouraged to step forward for consideration.
"Being an NDSA director is an important responsibility and a tremendous opportunity," Brooks said. "The position requires an individual's time, talent and action on issues that affect our livlihood and our legacy. I hope many members consider running."

District Nominating Committees must submit a list of candidates to the NDSA office by June 20.

In 2004, NDSA members designated Spring Roundups as the official director nominee-gathering sites. The 2016 Spring Roundup schedule and nominating committee members are as follows:

District One
Fri., June 3, Devils Lake
   Erika Kenner, Chairman, Leeds, 406-581-1188
     Jeff Anderson, Hamar, 262-4913
     Brent Helseth, Sheyenne, 996-2020
     Keith Johnnson, Sharon, 543-3907
     Paul Lenz, Reynolds, 847-2724
     Justin Spickler, Glenfield, 674-3170
     Craig Vaughn, Cavalier, 520-1624  

District 2
Thurs., June 2, Montpelier
  Bruce Hakanson, Chairman, McLeod, 439-2775
     Wade Dally, Montpelier, 489-3264
     Darin Dockter, Medina, 486-3279
    Brian Huber, Jud, 685-2684
     Travis Maddock, Davenport, 235-0666
     Joel Schmitz, Enderlin, 437-3362  
     Russ Well, Jamestown, 251-1127
District 3
Wed., June 8, Menoken
     Jeff Dahl, Gackle, 485-3762
     Jerry Doan, McKenzie, 673-3441
     Zac Hall, Bismarck, 595-6887
     Craig Kemmet, Tappen, 226-5431
     Steve Koester, Steele, 475-2736
District 4
Tues., June 7, St. Anthony
  Kellen Unruh, Chairman, Hebron, 878-4152
     Al Gustin, Mandan, 663-1230
     Doug Hille, Mandan, 445-7383
     Jessy Meyer, Shields, 597-3330
     Blaine Ottmar, Elgin, 584-2705
     Ben Tokach, St. Anthony, 400-0239

District 5
Wed., June 1, Amidon
  Howdy Lawlar, Chairman, Watford City, 770-5674
     Jared Boltz, Grassy Butte, 863-7055
     Dave Burke, Bowman, 523-5807
     Cody Reis, Fairfield, 575-4060
     Tim Schaper, Grassy Butte, 863-6681
     Trell Shypkoski, Belfield, 290-8187

District 6
Mon., June 6, Wildrose
  Tim Kvamme, Chairman, Voltaire, 626-1707
     Shane Anderson, Towner, 537-3030   
     Pete Artz, Bottineau, 263-7142
     Jeremy Bullinger, Powers Lake, 464-4893
     Warren Froelich, Williston, 774-8347
     Jerry Henry, Westhope, 263-1366
     Dustin Seright, Towner, 240-9778
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