What is an estray? 

      Cattle or horses that have wandered onto your property, are walking outside the fenceline or walking along the side of the road.
You have contacted your neighbors and the sherriff's department and no one has claimed them or reported them missing. 

Contact a member of the brand inspection enforcement team.

Blaine Northrop
Chief Brand Inspector
701-223-2522 or
Steve Bay
Deputy Brand Inspector
Fred Frederikson
Deputy Brand Inspector
Jim Wenning
Deputy Brand Inspector



                                           Find a brand inspector                                           


What happens to estrays?

A brand inspector will come to investigate and read the brand if there is one. 
 If the livestock is branded, the brand owner will be contacted.
If livestock is not branded proof of ownership will be harder to be determined. 
We recommend that the producer hauls the livestock to the nearest auction market.
When the livestock gets sold, the proceeds will be held under the NDSA until proof of ownership is determined.
The producer is eligible to file an estray claim for mileage, damages, etc.
The time period for consideration is from the time the estray is reported to the time it gets to the sale barn.
The claim will be reviewed by the NDSA Brand Board for reimbursement.
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