Two Bits



Julie Ellingson
Executive Vice President
For the first time in more than 60 years, Easter Sunday and April Fool’s Day landed on the same day this year, creating a rare opportunity to combine the two celebrations and have some extra fun with Easter guests.
For weeks, I had been seeing silly ideas pop up on Facebook and Pinterest and saving them, so I too, as the host of my family’s holiday dinner this year, could pull a few tricks over on my unsuspecting relatives. But, alas, I was not a savvy enough party planner to pull off both real food and brussels sprouts wrapped in foil and disguised as Cadbury eggs, so my guests escaped my planned, but not executed, shenanigans.
Just like the imitation chocolates I had been concocting in my head, I know that, for many, calving season has been different than what we had expected too. With the exceptionally cold temperatures and a storm-filled March and early April, calving has been even more labor intensive and stressful than usual. I know the extra steps that you and your crews are taking at all hours of the day and night to care for your newborn calves and their mamas and how physically and emotionally exhausting that can be. Hang in there; warmer days and some sleep are hopefully right around the corner.
The NDSA has a series of activities that are also right around the corner. In the month of June alone, your organization will be hosting its Spring Roundup series, “Our Priority: Your Business; Our Focus: Your Future,” June 4-5, 7-8 and 11- 12 in Eldridge, Sterling, Mott, Maddock, Minot and Watford City. Your Roundup is your chance for what will sure to be a well-deserved night out with fun, fellowship and discussion with organizational leaders.
The NDSA Feedlot Tour will follow on June 19 in the Carrington area and will showcase several state-permitted feedlots. As in the past, the tour will give participants a chance to pick up construction and management ideas and get some candid advice from their peers who have gone through the permitting process.
The North Dakota Junior Beef Expo will wrap up the month’s NDSA activities June 22-23 at the State Fairgrounds in Minot. The state’s multi-breed junior beef field day will celebrate its 24th year with heifer, steer and cow-calf shows, showmanship contests and other activities for young beef enthusiasts.
Watch the upcoming magazine for full details about these events and, in the meantime, good luck with calving.
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