Five Buckles



Scott Ressler
Environmental Services Director



We just finished up the 89th annual NDSA Convention & Trade Show in Bismarck. We moved to a new facility this year, because the interest in our convention has grown. I hope you enjoyed the new venue as much as I did.

Newly elected President Dan Rorvig presented the membership report. In 1929, there were 22 founding members who paid $5 each for their annual dues. Eighty-nine years later, we have nearly 3,000 members who voluntarily pay at least $50 each for annual dues.

Membership is the backbone of any organization, and certainly the NDSA has some of the best members around.

One of President Rorvig’s goals is to build the NDSA membership up to create an army of stronger advocates for the beef industry. I challenge all members to get a member. Wouldn't that be great to have 4,000 members by next year's convention?

Rorvig was stumped on his first press question: "If two vegetarians are having an argument, would they still have a beef with each other?"

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