Five Buckles


Scott Ressler
Environmental Services Director


Boy, what a last few  months we have had.
The cattle market was down. The cattle market was up. We’ve watched the inauguration of our new president, and the weather has provided plenty of extremes. November was abnormally warm, December was abnormally snowy and February was abnormally wet.
Certainly, the snow and cold weather changed things. The mix of both leave you wondering who we ticked off to deserve this. The real question is how the next months of the year are going to play out. I’m predicting warmer weather in the foreseeable future, and this will be a welcome relief for humans and livestock alike.
In addition, the grass should have a good start. The CattleFax forecast for 2017 predicts an increase in U.S. beef, pork and poultry and cattle prices to settle around $130 per hundredweight for 750-pound steers and $150 per hundredweight for 550-pound steers.
The past year was a good year to add some additional value to the calfcrop by backgrounding. Even though December was a tough weather month, most feeders I’ve visited with said the calves gained well. If you’re thinking about maybe feeding some calves this upcoming fall and winter, contact me to inquire about the many ways the NDSA Environmental Services program can help with your feedlot updates.
A while back, when NDSA President Warren Zenker was in grade school, he had trouble with fighting.
One day, he came home from school with a blackeye. His mother said, “Warren, what happened? I told you the next time you are about to fight, count to 100 and think about it first.” Warren replied, “Well, Timmy’s mom said he only needed to count to 30.”
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