Five Buckles

Scott Ressler, Environmental Services Director

Many families know one of the most important decisions made each day is what to make for supper. I recently told my wife Sheila I found a new sloppy joe recipe I would like to try. Sheila and our kids don’t really care for sloppy joes, but they agreed to try them.
One night, I got home early while Sheila and the kids were still in town, so I started making the new recipe. I tried the dish a few times as the production phase came to an end, and it tasted pretty good to me. When the kids and Sheila got home, they sat down, started eating and seemed to like the new recipe.
Sheila asked what all the ingredients were. I quipped, “There is stuff in here that would blow your mind.” I started listing off the ingredients: 2 pounds of hamburger, salt, pepper, half a bottle of ketchup, brown sugar, mustard, one cup of vinegar and one cup of Worchestershire sauce. Sheila immediately expressed her concern over the large amounts of vinegar and Worchestershire sauce. I replied, “That’s what the recipe card had on it.” Sheila argued, “There is no way it would call for one cup of vinegar and Worchestershire sauce. More than likely it should be one cap of each.”
Well, sure enough, I went and found the original recipe and, during my transfer to the recipe card, I mistakenly wrote down one cup instead of one cap. While Sheila was laughing, she said if we had cucumbers, we could just bury them in the sloppy joes and it wouldn’t take long to make pickles.
For those interested, the batch I made didn’t taste too bad, but I will need to back off on the vinegar and Worchestershire sauce next time.
A while back, NDSA President Dan Rorvig was tasked to make supper for his family. When his wife Teresa got home, Dan explained that he had just burned 2,000 calories in 20 minutes. Teresa asked, “How did you do that?” Dan replied, “I forgot to take the brownies out of the oven!”