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Posted 01/17/2020

Hours-of-service requirements waived

For immediate release: Jan. 15, 2020


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Hours-of-service requirements waived

      Gov. Doug Burgum has signed an executive order waiving hours-of-service requirements, fees and certain load restrictions for drivers of commercial vehicles transporting livestock and hay supplies.

      Record precipitation levels and cold temperatures significantly delayed the harvest season and affected ranchers and farmers, resulting in an ongoing shortage of hay supplies. Producers have been forced to purchase supplemental hay from other states, to move herds to areas where feed is more plentiful or, in some cases, to sell off herds, the order states. Truck drivers have had to move hay supplies in greater volumes and shorter times to meet the needs.

      The 30-day waiver is effective today, January 17th, 2020. It suspends hours-of-service restrictions; width and height restrictions; and fees for drivers of commercial vehicles transporting livestock and hay supplies on interstate and state roadways. 

      The order can be viewed online here.



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