Rancher of the Year


The Rancher of the Year Award is a grassroots award offered to a producer that raises quality cattle and is respected in his/her community.
Each district nominates one candidate.  A winner is then selected by vote of the board.
The winner is awarded at the annual convention in late September.
Rancher of the Year Rules
1.  Member of NDSA. (At least one year previous.)
2. Producer of quality cattle.
          a. provide a video of cattle.
          b. provide a letter of reference from an auction market, order buyer, feeder, etc.
3. Good financial standing in community.
          a. provide a letter from bank or other lender.
          b. provide letters from two downtown businesses.
4. Community volunteer.
          a. 4H, fair board, etc.
          b. provide a picture of the ranch site for neatness, taking pride in where they live, etc.
Other considerations:
     1. Does not compete with Stewardship Award.
     2. Do not have to mention cattle or acres owned - numbers have nothing to do with award.
     3. Age has no bearing on award.
     4. Does not have to serve on a bunch of boards, as this is a grassroots award.
Past Rancher of the Year winners
2013 - Paul Smokov, Steele
2012 - Marv & Jolene Schulz, Edgeley
2011 - Spickler Ranch, Glenfield
2010 - Effertz Key Ranch, Velva
2009 - Erbele Farmily, Streeter
2008 - Shawn & SheVele Unruh, Zap
2007 - Paul & Judy Anderson, Leonard
2006 - Cary & Margie Hande, Amidon
2005 - Ike Hecker, Fairfield
2004 - Floyd & Mary Anderson, Ruso
2003 - Ted & Kay Tescher, Medora
2002 - Ron & Sharon Whited, Sidney, MT
2001 - Joel & Lynette Schmitz, Enderlin
2000 - Keith & Janell Hauck, Forbes
1999 - Buck & Carol Maher, Menoken
1998 - Larry & Deb Olson, Tappen
1997 - Larry & Linda Fritz, Belfield
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